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CEF Board Chair Trevor Neilson joins grantee Gerardo Ceballos along with Al MacCuish to talk about the climate emergency at this year’s Global Philanthropy Forum.

Sep. 16, 2020

Topic – Peaceful Disruption: Emergency Funding for Raising Public Awareness


Trevor Neilson, Board Chair, Climate Emergency Fund, and Co-founder, CEO, i(x) investments

Gerardo Ceballos, Executive Director, Stop Extinction

Al MacCuish, Creative Chairman, Sunshine

The climate movement has accelerated in recent years as the number of supporters has grown exponentially and the urgency of the situation is more widely understood. To build on this momentum and translate marches into mandates, the leaders of this movement need resources. Philanthropic funds and grants have been established to support individual activists and organizations that increase attention on the threat and demand action from our leaders. They rapidly deploy funds to organizations leading these peaceful protests knowing that changing the dialogue and declaring climate change an emergency will lead to policy solutions that can work. The Climate Emergency Fund is one such example, committed to going beyond the status quo in order to get results. They believe in the importance of peaceful planet-wide mobilization, large-scale disruption and supporting the leaders driving these calls to action.

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