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Sep. 18, 2020

Collin McDonnell of HenHouse Brewing Company leads the campaign to help raise awareness about the climate emergency and to inspire fans to support the Green New Deal legislation, all for the love of beer and planet.

Collin aims to get 2020 breweries on board for this collaboration and encourages customers to make over one million phone calls to their elected representatives. Learn more about it at

Green New Deal Beer

“Vote for the Green New Deal is a collaborative effort to ask our elected officials to take tangible and brave action to save the climate.

Along with buying beer from one (or many!) of the participating breweries listed below, we encourage everyone to call their elected representatives and tell them to support The Green New Deal and take dramatic action to protect the climate! You can find House contact information here and Senate contact information here.”

“As a Sonoma County brewery, we can tell you with great certainty that the climate emergency is here and everyone has an obligation to act. The fires in our community, and the fires in Rockies, and the Hurricanes in the Gulf are no longer freak occurrences, they are annual tragedies. We do not pretend to be climate experts, we defer to the scientific consensus that action on a scale not seen since the New Deal is necessary.”

~ HenHouse Brewing Company

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