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Oct. 20, 2020


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Now Available: Vote for the Green New Deal Beer, a Mobilizing IPA, Brewed to Combat Climate Change

SANTA ROSA, CA — OCT. 20, 2020 — HenHouse Brewing Company today launched Vote for the Green New Deal, a beer brewed to compel elected officials to take tangible and brave action to save the climate. The effort, which encourages beer drinkers to petition their elected representatives by including contact information on the cans, begins today when thousands of 4-packs will hit shelves in the fire-ravaged California counties of Sonoma, Napa, and Marin.

“California is experiencing the fourth consecutive fall marked by unbreathable air and rampant wildfires,” said Collin McDonnell, co-founder of HenHouse Brewery, located in the heart of Sonoma County, California. “Vote for the Green New Deal will encourage our community to make their voices heard. We are asking breweries all over the country to pledge their platforms to push Congress to take climate action now.”

The campaign asks breweries to do three things: make the most delicious India pale ale you can (or use the suggested recipe) using the Vote for the Green New Deal label, make a donation from the proceeds to a climate change advocacy group, and lead by example where you can to be a more sustainable business.

The beer labels used by various breweries will encourage beer drinkers to call their elected officials and urge them to support Green New Deal congressional resolutions — House Resolution 109 and Senate Resolution 59 — that lays out a grand plan for tackling climate change. 

This campaign will also help raise funds for organizations advocating for requisite climate legislation.

HenHouse Brewery is partnering with the Climate Emergency Fund to support the individual activists and organizations working to wake up the public to the threat of climate change and force governments and policymakers to take urgent action.

“The Climate Emergency Fund is thrilled to be joining forces with HenHouse Brewery for this campaign,” said Sarah Ezzy, board secretary of Climate Emergency Fund. “Collin and his team have seen firsthand the impacts of the climate emergency and they understand the importance of raising awareness and compelling the public to take action. Climate Emergency Fund will deploy 100% of funds raised by this campaign to climate activists on the front lines who are pushing for urgent action.”

This campaign will continue well into next year with the goal of empowering as many beer drinkers to have their voices heard and take an active role in demanding climate action.

Bottom line, as McDonnell explains, “the climate emergency is here and everyone has an obligation to act.”

Climate Emergency Fund provides financial support to individuals and organizations that demonstrate the intention and capability of disrupting with urgency the inadequate and immoral gradual approach governments around the world are taking to address the climate emergency. The organization’s role in winning the future is to turbocharge activism, to put pressure on government leaders, divest from fossil fuel financing, and diversify the movement by engaging new voices.

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