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What’s Next

We have an opportunity to make real climate progress in 2021. A new US Administration provides an opportunity for significant climate action in the United States and a re-engagement of American leadership globally. Strategic, targeted activism is more critical than ever to keep the pressure on our elected leaders to finally take action that addresses the scale of the climate crisis. As we move into 2021, the Climate Emergency Fund is focused on:

  • Pushing for large-scale systemic change: We’ll fund activists who put pressure on centrist, persuadable lawmakers to help accelerate Biden’s climate plan through Congress.
  • Building coalitions: We’ll continue to support bipartisan efforts, recognizing that the planet needs allies from both sides of the aisle in order to promote a fair transition to a zero-emissions economy.
  • Supporting youth activists: We’ll continue to support youth activists who are leading the charge, making their voices heard and fighting for their future.
  • Fighting for life on earth: To address the nearly 1 million species on the brink of extinction, we’re supporting the launch of a global initiative that will raise awareness through science, story, and action.
Turning protest into policy remains our top priority. We have a chance to enact serious protections for our environment and communities.
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Sarah Ezzy
CEF, Board of Directors


The Climate Emergency Fund was created to support the individuals and organizations working to wake up the public to the climate crisis and force lawmakers to take urgent action. Since our founding in 2019, CEF support has:

  • Funded nearly 40 organizations
  • Trained 5,500 climate activists
  • Mobilized 3 million activists

CEF is supporting groups like the American Conservation Coalition (ACC) to put pressure on centrist policymakers to support meaningful climate action. We helped create the Coalition for Sustainable Jobs, a bipartisan group led by ACC and the Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN). The group’s lobbying efforts helped pass the Great American Outdoors Act in 2020.

Because the results of the Georgia runoffs will have an enormous impact on Biden’s legislative agenda, CEF is supporting groups like RISE, a student-led advocacy group working on the ground in Georgia, getting young voters registered and turning them out to vote.

We provided catalytic funding to People vs. Extinction, a global campaign bringing worldwide public awareness to the problem of mass extinction by re-framing the collapse of biodiversity from a devastating tragedy to a plan of galvanizing action.

We’re funding NooWorld, a global operating system built for activists and climate organizations to centralize and collaborate, to amplify climate campaigns and to re-imagine climate activism in service to humanity everywhere, offering social campaigns, action training, and mutual aid.

We’ve supported Divest Ed in expanding their divestment movement on college campuses nationwide, including actions to dismantle the recruitment of law school graduates by the fossil fuel industry.

We provided catalytic funding to Rainforest Action Network to establish Stop the Money Pipeline, a coalition of over 125 organizations nationwide targeting climate financiers and insurers.

Join The Fight

We must continue the fight to recognize the climate emergency for what it is: a threat to our very existence. The intensity of the climate crisis depends on what action our leaders take now. At the Climate Emergency Fund, it is our mission to support the work of activists as they pressure policymakers and corporations, helping them recognize that in order to save the planet, we must enforce large-scale systemic change.

Please consider making an end-of-year gift to the Climate Emergency Fund. Join the fight and help us accelerate change at the scale needed to combat the climate emergency.

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