Diana is the Founder and President of The Fledgling Fund, an organization that has supported storytelling about social issues, since 2005. This support has included feature films, documentary films, webinars, virtual reality, short pieces and serials. Fledgling has been involved in a range of ways, but mostly around community engagement and impact in projects that have ranged from health and wellness, social justice and climate change.

Dr. Barrett received her Masters and Doctoral degrees from the Harvard Business school and served on the faculty there for many years, at the School of Public Health as well as the Business School, where she taught and did research in large, complex organizations, such as health care systems, both nationally and internationally. At present, she is on the Board of The Everglades Foundation as well as a number of community based organizations in both Massachusetts and Florida.

Fledgling has funded a number of projects in climate change and she is particularly interested in the intersection of climate issues and social justice.