Frequently asked questions

The Climate Emergency Fund provides support to individuals and organizations who demonstrate the intention and capability of disrupting the inadequate and immoral gradual approach governments around the world are taking to addressing the climate emergency.  

It is possible to apply for a CEF grant either as an individual and as an organization. If applying as an organization, CEF requires paperwork showing the incorporated entity and a bank account to receive funds for the organization.


If applying as an individual, any compensation from CEF will be treated as taxable income. CEF will report the income to the IRS and the onus is on the individual to do the same. 


The project for which the grant will be used must directly address the climate emergency and/or the use of direct action as a tactic to bring awareness to the issue.

Yes, CEF makes grants internationally.

  • Level 1: Activist start-up package which includes funding for printed materials, bullhorns, and other supplies necessary for grassroots climate activists to exercise their First Amendment rights. Level 1: $500 to $2,000


  • Level 2: Organizational development funding for climate activist groups which have grown beyond the start-up phase and are working to create a permanent or more sophisticated structure. Level 2: $5,000 to $10,000


  • Level 3: Operational funding for climate activists whose organizations have reached a state of maturity and are in need of support for salaries, housing stipends, events, office space, marketing and communications and other activities. Level 3: $10,000+

All applicants will be updated on the status of their applications within 2-3 weeks of submission.

Yes. Climate Emergency Fund is a 501c3. This is a tax deductible donation to the fullest extent allowed by the law. EIN is 84-2151545