Early Impact Highlights

The biggest global climate strike in history, led by youth – CEF was a catalytic funder of the youth activists that organized US participation in the September 2019 strike.

Over 1,200 climate emergency declarations impacting nearly half a billion people globally – Government leaders at all levels have been stepping forward to put a stake in the ground for climate action in response to the demands of activist groups.


In the short time that CEF existed, we’ve responded swiftly to support climate activists, positioning them for the greatest impact.

We are helping activists to pivot for disruptive impact during COVID-19, push youth communities to get out the vote, bring together coalitions to speak collectively on rebuilding a sustainable economy, and engage individuals and companies on the extent of biodiversity loss.

Funded nearly 40 organizations.

Over 300 climate activists trained.

3 million activists mobilized.

5 million people engaged.

Recent Highlights

People vs Extinction

After receiving catalytic funding from CEF, Stop Extinction is bringing awareness to the problem of mass extinction. Armed with reliable and accessible data, they are re-framing the issue of mass extinction, from a devastating tragedy to a plan of galvanizing action, the "People vs. Extinction".
Photo courtesy of Stop Extinction

Dirty Money

Stop the Money Pipeline’s campaign targeting Chase, BlackRock, and Liberty Mutual forced these top climate offenders to adjust their climate change policies. Five of the six leading banks announced that they will not fund arctic oil and gas projects and BlackRock agreed to publicly track their engagement with UN Sustainability Goals.
Photo courtesy of Stop the Money Pipeline

We are Pro-Planet

Evangelicals for Environmental Protection met with 19 Senate Republicans to make climate change a bipartisan issue. Nearly 65,000 Christians signed a petition in support of Safe Jobs in a Sustainable Future Economy.
Photo courtesy of Evangelical Environmental Network

Climate Declarations

The Climate Mobilization helped lead the global movement for Climate Emergency Declarations. Since first becoming a CEF grantee in 2019, they catalyzed political will in cities and countries around the globe, resulting in a 100% increase in declarations. Over the last year, 80 local governments in the US. have declared a Climate Emergency. In total, more than 1,780 governments and institutions have declared worldwide.
Photo courtesy of Climate Mobilization

Sustainable Jobs for All

CEF provided catalytic funding for the Coalition for a Sustainable Jobs, a bi-partisan group whose lobbying efforts led to the passage of the Great American Outdoors Act, the first piece of environmental legislation in a generation.
Photo courtesy of Coalition for a Sustainable Jobs

Earth Day Live

Earth Day Live converted the energy of the youth climate strike and moved it online for the largest youth-led climate coalition in history. Over 500 organizations, joined by CEF’s grantees and partners, coordinated to engage 5 million people globally.
Photo courtesy of Shut Down DC

Photo courtesy of 350Bellingham


Climate activists are already preparing to hold the next administration accountable.​

  • Keep it in the ground – no new fossil fuel projects.
  • Phase out existing production and cut subsidies to the fossil fuel industry.
  • Transition to clean energy.
  • Protect biodiversity.
  • Hold polluters accountable.
  • Build a just transition and create sustainable jobs.
  • Rejoin the Paris Agreement and become an international climate leader.

Photo courtesy of Divest Ed / Better Future Project


Every day, your generous support makes it possible for new climate advocates to join the movement that will force governments to wake up and ACT NOW.