Picture of Margaret Klein Salamon

Margaret Klein Salamon

Margaret Klein Salamon is the founder and Executive Director of The Climate Mobilization a volunteer-powered organization that is working to initiate a WWII-scale mobilization that rapidly transforms our economy to protect humanity and the living world. In that role she has helped catalyze a burgeoning worldwide climate emergency movement. Over 600 cities and counties around the world have now passed climate emergency declarations based on the climate emergency policy framework that The Climate Mobilization has developed and championed.

Margaret earned her PhD in clinical psychology from Adelphi University and also holds a BA in social anthropology from Harvard. Though she loved being a therapist, Margaret felt called to apply her psychological and anthropological knowledge to solving climate change. She is the author of The Transformative Power of Climate Truth and Leading the Public into Emergency Mode. Her forthcoming book Facing the Climate Emergency: How to Transform Yourself with Climate Truth will help readers process the emotional, psychological elements of the climate crisis and rise to the challenge of our time.