"CEF vets applicants and takes on the risk so donors can safely fund disruptive peaceful protest."
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Aileen Getty
Founding Donor


CEF was formed at the intersection of philanthropy and climate activism to focus funding on radical action as opposed to incremental change.

We fund the most impactful climate activists working to disrupt the status quo, inspire others to do the same and force policy-makers to take action.

Our role in winning the future is to turbocharge activism, to put pressure on government leaders, divest from fossil fuel financing, and diversify the movement by engaging new voices.

Adapting in 2020

CEF is redefining what “disruptive” looks like during the pandemic, still with the belief that we need greater public engagement and disruptive action in order to move the needle on the climate emergency.

We are supporting our grantees to pivot for disruptive impact during COVID-19. Youth groups are getting out the vote, socially-distanced protesting and digitally disrupting to the extent that it can be impactful.

We are supporting climate activists to stay in motion and find effective ways to continue to push on government and corporate leaders. The fossil fuel industry is on life support and now is not the time to give up.

Photo courtesy of Shut Down DC


CEF provides a safe and legal means for donors to support high impact individuals and organizations working to build public pressure and disrupt the status quo.

CEF’s robust legal team works within strict guidelines to ensure all activities conducted by our grantees are legal, safe, and effective.

CEF rigorously vets all applicants to ensure funds are used most efficiently and directly goes where it will have the greatest impact.

Expand our Reach

CEF is mainstreaming the climate emergency and pushing the agenda of climate as a nonpartisan issue, supporting new, diverse groups and activists, bringing together coalitions to push out climate messaging.

We are working to build a sustainable economy post pandemic, working on revising stimulus packages and policy, and creating groups including the bipartisan “Coalition for Sustainable Jobs.”

We are supporting groups working to communicate the extent of the ecological collapse including efforts to engage individuals and companies in a campaign against extinction.