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Serpentine & WePresent launch campaign by artists for the environment

We thank Serpentine Galleries, artists Revital Cohen & Tuur van Balen, and WeTransfer for supporting our mission through the power of art and storytelling. “Back to Earth: explore the Serpentine’s multi-year project focused on instigating change in response to the climate crisis.” Serpentine Galleries Revital Cohen and Tuur Van Balen work across objects, installation and …

What’s Next for CEF

What’s Next We have an opportunity to make real climate progress in 2021. A new US Administration provides an opportunity for significant climate action in the United States and a re-engagement of American leadership globally. Strategic, targeted activism is more critical than ever to keep the pressure on our elected leaders to finally take action …

CEF honors Green City Living, Makers of Most Durable Reusable Snack Bag Ever

We give thanks to our friends at Green City Living, one of CEF’s long-standing partners, for promoting sustainable living with adorably simple solutions. Mission Over Money Green City Living’s mission is to decrease waste and promote sustainable living and to keep their footprint as small as possible, right down to the supplies used to create …

CEF Press Release: Now Available: Vote for the Green New Deal Beer, a Mobilizing IPA, Brewed to Combat Climate Change

Oct. 20, 2020 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MEDIA CONTACT: Stefanie Spear,, 216-387-1609 Now Available: Vote for the Green New Deal Beer, a Mobilizing IPA, Brewed to Combat Climate Change SANTA ROSA, CA — OCT. 20, 2020 — HenHouse Brewing Company today launched Vote for the Green New Deal, a beer brewed to compel elected officials to …

CEF partners with PILLLAR, the world’s first Climate Positive Skateboard Co.

PILLLAR has a simple mission: to promote skateboarding, sustainability and climateawareness for a new generation of environmentally and socially conscious  skateboarders. “PILLLAR was founded on the idea that skaters are more than a kickflip and a pair of baggy jeans. And the fact is, we actually care more about the environment and the impact we …

CEF partners with HenHouse Brewing Co. to launch “Vote for the Green New Deal” Beer

Sep. 18, 2020 Collin McDonnell of HenHouse Brewing Company leads the campaign to help raise awareness about the climate emergency and to inspire fans to support the Green New Deal legislation, all for the love of beer and planet. Collin aims to get 2020 breweries on board for this collaboration and encourages customers to make …

CEF takes part at Global Philanthropy Forum

CEF Board Chair Trevor Neilson joins grantee Gerardo Ceballos along with Al MacCuish to talk about the climate emergency at this year’s Global Philanthropy Forum. Sep. 16, 2020 Topic – Peaceful Disruption: Emergency Funding for Raising Public Awareness Speakers: Trevor Neilson, Board Chair, Climate Emergency Fund, and Co-founder, CEO, i(x) investments Gerardo Ceballos, Executive Director, …


“Our bet is paying off”: why philanthropists are raising money for climate activists

On Monday, hundreds of climate activists were arrested in Sydney, London, and Amsterdam in the first round of what is expected to be a wave of protests across at least 60 cities in coming weeks. 

Meet the Millionaires Helping to Pay for Climate Protests

Climate change protesters from Extinction Rebellion snarled traffic in Washington on Monday and again on Friday. You might find yourself asking, “Who helps pays for this activism?”

Expect Disruption As U.S. Millionaires Start Backing Extinction Rebellion Activists

A group of wealthy U.S. philanthropists has raised £500,000 ($638,000) for a British non-violent climate activist group, Extinction Rebellion, with plans to increase that “a hundred times” more.

Does Extinction Rebellion Have the Solution to the Climate Crisis?

The success of Extinction Rebellion, a British campaign of civil disobedience aimed at addressing the climate crisis, has been something to behold.

Aileen Getty and Rory Kennedy Lead New Climate Fund to Support Activists and Protesters

A marquee group of philanthropists with business and political ties have started the Climate Emergency Fund to provide legal support and other assistance for climate activists who engage in nonviolent protest.

The Energy 202: Cash, banners and bullhorns: Big philanthropists throw weight behind disruptive climate activists

Groups of climate activists known for their aggressive tactics and raucous protests are getting an unusual assist from some of the biggest names in philanthropy.

Climate activists including Extinction Rebellion to receive £500,000 from US philanthropists

Three wealthy donors – Trevor Neilson, Rory Kennedy and Aileen Getty – have launched the Climate Emergency Fund (CEF) to help support school strikes and activism groups like Extinction Rebellion.

Introducing the Climate Emergency Fund

This highly decentralized grassroots movement of mothers, fathers, students, academics, business leaders, government officials and others should be welcomed and applauded. They are a desperately needed wake-up call for a society that seems to be sleep-walking toward climate catastrophe. And they need funding.

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