Young people have mobilized, understanding that the worst of climate change will hit during the prime of their lives. Public concern is finally growing as climate change becomes harder and harder to ignore.

CEF recognizes that this is a critical moment to support activist movements to demand change. We believe that only a peaceful planet-wide mobilization on the scale of World War II will give us a chance to avoid the worst-case scenarios and restore a safe climate. 

We believe this moment requires large scale disruption through the legal expression of first amendment rights and non-violent direct action. The disruption of everyday life and perceived normal reality is necessary to create a conversation on the climate and ecological crisis. It is not convenient, but it is necessary.


Our climate crisis demands a new paradigm, requiring the phasing out of fossil fuel infrastructure, the phasing in of non-fossil energy sources and large-scale removal of carbon from the atmosphere. Despite what we know is needed, we are currently moving in the wrong direction as global emissions continue to increase annually.

CEF recognizes that this moment requires a break from the status quo to demand the policy change we urgently need. The agenda of climate must be pushed as a nonpartisan issue, supported by diverse groups and activists, building coalitions – through all, one voice – to force governments and policy-makers to take urgent action.


History tells us what to do. Massive public pressure—from the streets to the halls of power—can force our governments to wake up and take action now for our children’s future.

The public is ready. Two-thirds of Americans now identify climate change as a top-three issue and want governments to act.

We have solutions. Governments already have access to sound policy solutions, but they will not act in time unless the public demands it.


CEF recognizes the activists committing their lives to addressing the climate emergency. These individuals and groups need our support as they carry out legal, nonviolent activities to demand that our leaders take action to ban ecologically destructive practices and save as much life as possible. 

These activists are demanding our protection from the existential threat facing our species. We have a collective responsibility to support them and join them.

Photo courtesy of Climate Mobilization