Shannon O'Leary Joy

Shannon grew up on a farm in rural Michigan then studied political science at UC Boulder. After college, she traveled and had various jobs, including a sheet metal worker for industrial construction and roasting coffee beans in Hawaii. Joy spent three years working and living in the home of the late artist Robert Rauschenberg in NYC, which was an amazing gift of beauty and exposure to the world of visual arts, dance and creative innovation. She studied at the National Holistic Institute, Berkeley, has worked for two decades in the healing arts, and raised two children as a single mother. She and her husband Bill have spent the past five years designing and building the energy efficient sailboat Ethereal, at the Royal Huisman Shipyard in Holland. Bill and Shannon have four children. She is now directing the Joy Foundation, whose primary focus is the protection of our marine ecosystems and the biodiversity and conservation of our oceans. She has also photographed and worked with groups in Cambodia, such as Dr. Nancy Hendrie of The Sharing Foundation and Scott Neeson of the Cambodian Children’s Fund.