Picture of Trevor Neilson

Trevor Neilson

Trevor Neilson is the co-founder and CEO of i(x) investments. Prior to launching i(x) investments, Neilson served as President of G2 Investment Group where he helped lead the firm’s initiatives in energy, real estate and security. Before his work with G2, Trevor was co-founder of Global Philanthropy Group where he was involved in the creation and implementation of many of the world’s most respected philanthropic initiatives and worked with over fifty major philanthropists.

Trevor’s leadership in business and social change included time as the Executive Director of the Global Business Coalition, a coalition of over 200 multinational companies focused on global health issues and created with investments from Bill Gates, George Soros and Ted Turner. Prior to his leadership of the GBC, Trevor worked closely with Bill & Melinda Gates, both in their family office and as Director of Special Projects and as a founding member of the team that created and launched the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation where he served as the Director of Public Affairs. Named by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader, Trevor served in the White House during the Clinton administration and is active in a variety of personal philanthropic initiatives including the Climate Mobilization.