Board of Directors

Picture of Trevor Neilson

Trevor Neilson

Trevor Neilson is the co-founder and CEO of i(x) investments. Prior to launching i(x) investments, Neilson served as President of G2...

Picture of Rory Kennedy

Rory Kennedy

Rory Kennedy is co-president and co-founder of Moxie Firecracker Films. She is an Academy Award®-nominated, Primetime...

Picture of Sarah Ezzy

Sarah Ezzy

Sarah Ezzy has a deep background in philanthropy. She currently manages the Aileen Getty Foundation and previously served as a Director at Global...

Advisory Board

Picture of Aileen Getty

Aileen Getty

Aileen is the Founding Donor of the Climate Emergency Fund. She has been an active philanthropist throughout her adult life. With a focus on improving the quality...

Picture of Bill McKibben

Bill McKibben

Bill McKibben is an author and environmentalist who in 2014 was awarded the Right Livelihood Prize, sometimes called the ‘alternative...

Picture of David Wallace-Wells

David Wallace Wells

David Wallace-Wells is deputy editor at New York magazine and the author of the international best-seller The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After...

Picture of Katie Eder

Katie Eder

19-year-old Katie Eder is the Co-founder and Executive Director of Future Coalition, a national network that fosters community and...

Picture of Margaret Klein Salamon

Margaret Klein Salamon

Margaret Klein Salamon is the founder and Executive Director of The Climate Mobilization a volunteer-powered organization that is working to...


Picture of Laura Dawn

Laura Dawn
Acting Executive Director

Laura is a writer, director, political / cultural / digital strategist, and producer of social justice media and...